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Classroom and self-study courses for members and non-members

The National Garden Clubs is a not-for-profit educational organization with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. As part of its mission, NGC offers educational opportunities for members and non-members.

Per vote of the NGC Board of Directors on May 18, 2017, $5 registration fees for all school courses, refreshers, and symposia are eliminated as of July 1, 2017.

NGC Schools Handbook and Forms

  • Flower Show Schools

    A General Course Of Study For Members, Exhibitors And Judges. Flower Show Schools are a series of courses intended to train NGC members to become accredited Flower Show Judges. Click to learn more.

  • Basic Horticulture

    The Horticulture Study Course provides instruction in basic gardening practices for those members who do not have the opportunity to attend the schools that NGC offers. Click to learn more.

  • Design Study Units

    This program comes in two sets available for purchase from NGC Headquarters. The sets involve videos and written lessons that can be used by one person or by a group of people. Click to learn more.

  • Environmental Studies

    A series of four courses in environmental studies offered over a period of time (usually two years) by local or State Garden Clubs. Students completing the courses may become NGC Environmental Consultants. Click to learn more.

  • Gardening Study

    This program focuses on helping members become accomplished horticulturists. Courses cover all aspects of growing from understanding soil structure to pruning techniques, plant identification, etc. Courses may be sponsored by member clubs, or groups of clubs, State Garden Clubs, etc. and are open to garden club members and non-members alike. Click to learn more.

  • Landscape Design

    A series of four 10-hour courses. The course curriculum covers the history of landscape design as well as instruction from landscape architects in a variety of design techniques used in home and municipal settings. Click to learn more.

  • Multiple Refreshers

    Consultants of Environmental Studies, Gardening Study, and Landscape Design Schools are encouraged to refresh in optional events sponsored within the organization. A Multiple Refresher may be for two (Bi-Refresher) or three (Tri-Refresher) of these schools where subject matter usually overlaps to a large degree. Click to learn more.

  • Symposiums

    An in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools.  These courses are primarily intended for Flower Show Judges to maintain their credentials, but all garden club members interested in learning more about flower shows, floral design and horticulture are encouraged to attend. Click to learn more.

  • Environmental, Gardening, Landscape Design Schools - Guide for Students and Consultants

    Click to download this guide.